Senqiu Company Superiority


ISO9001:2008   OU(Kosher)   QS   SGS    AQL

Quality control, implement every detail!
Raw Material orchestrate select and use are food grade materials.
Production Environment---100,000 Class Clean Workshop; OU Kosher certified company.
Productions inspection---The original film furnace start, Each volume of products produced by the mother membrane by a table control, Until the product into the box.
Productions inspection----Each batch of products must be tested by "AQL" after factory.

Advantage manufacturing 
SQ1 ---- cost-effective and superior home products, the thickness by 7mic ~ 10mic.
SQ3 ---- excellent value for money hotel products, thickness by 7mic ~ 12mic.
SQ2 ---- High-quality household products, thickness by 9mic ~ 12mic.

Professional,Careful management
Professional----20 years of manufacturing experience, be absorbed in film.
Intention----Innovation, Pursuit of excellence.
Preservative film:Household products;Commercial products;Microwave-specific products 
Use function:Plastic wrap packaging patents;plastic wrap special tool patents; easy to tear the plastic wrap patent;environmental tool box integrated packaging.